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My Life


Da, daa, daa, daa
Da, daa, daa, daa

Da, daa, daa, daa
Da, daa, daa, daa

Who tha fuck? Nigga hittin' shots in the truck.
Hope I'm able to make this right turn right here or I'm fucked.
Lil' whodi that I'm with, ballin' up like a bitch.
Instead of tryin' to retaliate by bustin' his shit.
My leg already fucked up, been playin' that bar.
Now I gotta drive the car too? Slangin' and all.
Left arm on the steering wheel, right on the Mack.
Them niggas brought it to my boys, so I'm bringin' it back.
Out the window, with a dumped semi, but I crash.
This boy went straight through the window, his stupid ass.
And I'm noticing I smell gas....
Gotta bust the airbag, get out the car fast, and haul ass.
I still gotta duck bullets that cut through brick.
What the fuck I did to make niggas wan' do me like this?
Walked along, fo' one of the bullets ignite the gas.
Them, me, even the building's gon' be ash.

TQ: (Chorus 2x)
My life, my life, my life, my life...
My life, my life, my life, my life...
Ain't No Sunsshhiinnnnneeeee...
Ain't no sunshine till they gone...
Ain't no sunshine till they gone...

I was born to survive, but the story returns.
After being treated 7 months for 3rd degree burns.
My lil' cousin, D-Note, flipped out and murdered his children.
I gotta go by my aunt now, he hurtin' her feelings.
He's lookin' at a L, so ain't no need for a trial.
Accept it like a man, bitch, or live in denial.
What you think them people gon' say when they look at his file?
"He that lil' boss nigga, he in here for a while."
I had a shit back on me, I could barely walk.
Everybody knew the story but was scared to talk.
I read lips when I pull up. Right after I park...
I hear a nigga say "Whas'happenin, whoa?" but not from theheart.
Word gotta be out, a lot of tensions in the air, black.
These everyday niggas, ain't even.. must be makin' transact.
If I think about a gun, I'ma get 10.
Them people got they ears to the streets, and they be listenin.

(Chorus 2x)

Nigga catchin' one of them bitches slippin, but I'm wishin.
I rather be lock-down in prison than come up missin.
But that go to show you how fast the laws work.
They was beefin' with somebody that punish them boys first.
Don't ya know them people still thinkin' I sent the hit?
I'd accept it if I did it, but they wrong for that shit.
To the police, I sounded like the boy cried wolf.
Cause they know I like slangin' rice, shootin dice, with thecrooks.
Everything in life I killed, or maybe I took.
This a never-ending episode, my life is a book.
I'm hot, so I'm ridin' round up in block burners.
A funeral pass.. two cops, and five limos.
Man, that's one of them niggas, was tryin' to snipe me.
I bet ya everybody in that crowd don't like me.
I should go up in the bitch bustin.
But they got innocent by-standards..
that never meant to "click" nuthin.

(Chorus 5x)

Da, daa, daa, daa
Da, daa, daa, daa

Da, daa, daa, daa
Da, daa, daa, daa

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