I was gonna call you tonight
But I thouhgt I just might
Go on the net instead
The hit the lights and go to bed

I opened my email hoping there'd be one from you
There was so I opened it
My eyes were fixed to the screen
Like paper and glue

As I read the words you had typed
My eyes filled up and cried
You were saying sorry
Sorry that you ever asked out me

You said it wouldn't work out
That we would never see each other
I could make no sound, not even a shout
Not even a whispere

It was today I realised
That I really was in love with you
You can see it in my eyes
I can see it in yours, too

The night before I was having doubts
I thought I didn't really love you
But today I now know
I really do

I wrote in my Diary
That I wouldn't care
If you broke up with me
But now I swear, baby I do

Today I realised how much you mean to me
Today you were the only person I wanted to see
Today was not a good day
Because today, you broke up with me

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