Let's go drifting
Through the trees
Let's go sailing
On the sea
Let's go dancing
On the juke joint floor
And leave our troubles all behind
And have a party

So easily forgotten
Are the most important things
Like the melody in the moonlight in your eyes
And a song that lasts forever
It keeps on getting better all the time

Life is beautiful
Life is wonderous
Every star above
Shining just for us
Life is beautiful
On a stormy night
Somewhere in the world
The sun is shining bright

I get crazy
So afraid
That I might lose you one fine day
And I'll be nothing
But a tired old man
And I don't want to be without you
At the party

So easily forgotten
The most important thing
Is that I love you
I do
And I wanna spend my days and nights
Walking through this crazy world with you

(repeat chorus)

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