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Living Daylights

Kid Dynamite

buckle down. bury my fate. let's go in another direction.
responsibility caught up with me too slow was the rate of
affection. caught soft in a midnight thought cause i wasn't
paying attention. the mistakes and stakes keeping me from doing
the same. i can't say goodbye to my innocence and say hello to
consequence. i can't go on living life like this. it doesn't
make any sense. heart sinks. gut starts to go. can't think
cause i've lost my perception. head swells. voice becomes
dull. can't yell cause i've got no projection. locked tight in
my mindsets' blight and i've got no way to protect it. the
mistakes and the stakes keep me from doing the same. kick back
and settle down. let it take. "go ahead and do what you
want to do." what would they say on the day i hit the
brakes? i'm sure they'd be singing a different tune. kick down
the hourglass. let it break. i just did what i wanted to. run
my fingers through the sand that it makes, pick it up then i'll
throw it in your face. that's right.

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