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Give 'em The Ripped One

Kid Dynamite

If i murdered millions tell me would you believe? if i called it
Social progress would you fucking believe in me? if i sugar
Coated lies, would you believe? like razors down your throat
You swallow you're pride and it eats you alive. it seems a mind
Of it's own gets battered down and bought out. uh oh. ideals
Lost, not found, what now? quick to, shake the hand of a suited
Man, with bloody hands. uh oh. he pulls you in. this time, he
Wins. if i bought and sold you're freedom would you believe?
Distract you with the excess culture? would you fucking believe
In me? if i denied everything? you're soiled like you're soul.
You dig your own hole. and you never get out. if you say that
You can seize the day, i'd say get off you're knees. and muse
About what they can do without and dismiss what you believe.

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