Vospominaniya o Byloj Lyubvi (translation)

Korol' I Shut

My dark castle
Slumbers beyond the mountain
Sometimes the calm that reigns there tortures my soul
I'm the desirous hero of my fantasies
And all the images of my living love i keep with me


So often i see fear in eyes staring at me
They're destined to fall asleep inside my walls
To freeze inside my worlds
But my heart is lingering for love, my soul is aching
And wax statues look delightful
Such calm is reigning everywhere!

I used to bring them in my beautiful home
Offered them wine, and pleasure was to follow
Sometimes they'd feel a light fright
From the touch of strong hands on their gentle necks


There one is bringing me flowers
There another stands, in her daydreams she floats
I've tried to make them die from laughter
But such as in an old tale, i've had to simply strangle them


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