Living and dying for the bloody truth
Inflicting rebellion in endless conflict
Releasing the fury of the hammers of doom
Immortal attempt for the mass genocide
Irreverence before gods and hopes
Tyrant domain mortifying the cross

Damned scriptures of twisted truth
Mass inheritors of fake beliefs
Following preachers messiahs and gods
Mindless servants of mockery sermons
Doomed faith perpetual demise
Decline of the holy god's empire

We command the under world
Kings of agony and killing
Death bringers unfolding unholu truth
Waging th burning war against
Servants of fallacy
Abolishing once conceived rules
Creating cleanse by spilling blood
Feeding worms with their flesh

Eternal disgrace lies enemies path
Sorrow awaits for the coming messiah
Blasphemies shall be written
In the book of holy trinity
Immense tombs at the bounds of the skies
Filled by flesh hatred and death
Proclaiming the glory of the kingdom of kutulu

Madness and wrath unholy existence
Breeding the plague nocturnal revence
Whirl winds of doom entomb the earth
Banished saints confined to rupture
As the ancient conjuration
Evokes the eternal night

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