The Great Execution


Envenomed is the planet we dwell
Impregnated as violated with the breeding of waste
Cureless massive infestation
Propagating the failures of hallowed broken beliefs
Like an open rotten scar, that hurts and never ceases to bleed

Deceased is the so called savior
The pest of christ, everlasting universal lies
Harvesting broken prays
In the fields of decay, deception and sorrow
Promised land - paradise of hypocrisy
Perversion and shame in the void of misery

Poisoning spree, rolling free
Expanded degradation, thru centuries of pervesion
Poisoning degradation, the pest of intrusion
Broken prophecies thru centuries of regression

The fundamental faith of mankind, praise the lord of failure and decline
The fundamental faith of conformity, is to sell all the children to slavery

Envenomed is the heart of men
Contaminated as corrupted with the will to greed
Embracing mass flagellation
Propagating the sickness of terminal diseases
Like an open rotten scar, spilling black blood eternally

The fundamental fate of mankind, fall into decay till everyone goes blind
The fundamental fate of humanity, everlasting cancer of slavery

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