Oracle of the Ungod


Oracle of the ungod
Incite the rebellious horde
Despise all forms of servitude
Non-believers with no gratitude

Scrolls of the haunting texts
Forbidden rites of manifestation
Learn the truth about defamation
The martyr is the sheep of a noxious creation

Oracle of the ungod
Demonic echoes of perpetuation
The vice of the unbounded
Taste the elixir of temptations

Herald of the unborn
Shall dethrone the overlord
Cast the flooding storm
Cities of predation will get drowned

Storming infliction
Code of violation
Sworn reckless
Timeless sentence

Oracle of the upcoming doom
Foreseen decay of the kingdom
Anticipate the tyrant ways
Of the armageddon rebirth

Visions beyond the sight
Announce the fate of the mortified
Herald of disturbance
Obey the decaying creator

Despise the fallen son
Forgive the sins of the father
The mighty ghost of betrayal
Celebrate the mass of carnage

Herald of the altar face the lashing belt
Inside horrors of the temple
Where pervert angles dwell

Dawning age of prejudice
Perverted fate enthroned
Disturbed celebrations
The nun disguised whore fornicates

Herald of the sinful shame
Impregnations unveiled
Incestuous mothers of eviscerated sons aborted

Plant the seed of greed and hate
In the heart and soul of every man
Conflicts of race and territorial bloodshed
Non-divine secrecies
Omnipotent heresy
Let the world's blood thirst
And fallacy breed

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