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Aristotle Ponders The Sound

L.A Salami

Heard my mother cough to show her pain
Hidden behind the closed door again
My father must have wept when he came
To have made such a sensitive boy

I've been fighting your holy war
Ever since you took that plane
Well, I say God bless all love the high lost
And the crackhead's blistered vein

My boss keeps asking me to ask more questions
And so I asked her why
Then I asked her why man chose to work for his food
When it's clear to me that he'd much rather die

And if we're all equal does that mean every man's due some luck
And how many roads must a man walk down before he stops giving a fuck
She said quit your yapping and get back to work
Don't you see that you've got costumers to serve

And I said "of course I can because everybody here's a servant to someone else"
She said "stop talking now you're boring me don't you see that you're just the help"

I woke up in a strange bed one sunday morning
With a woman I did not love on my left hand side
She looked as if she'd seen a ghost when she woke
Screamed when she saw the horse head by my right

She told me that her name was lady luck and that I should leave
So I collected my stuff feeling slightly relieved
She was spread eagle, spread out and spread bare
And I was spread thin over the days and months that would proceed
She said "don't you see if you think about it as one start one chance and one end"
And I said don't talk to me cause there can be a thousand if I pretend

Oh, tom waits came to me in a dream
With a swordfish stuck in the middle of his chest
He poured me a glass of rum and pondered what's the point
You're doomed to die however hard you try your best

And you said the same thing when you left me
When you took my devotion and my drive
But you left a starving boy when you hung your coat
I'll take that back now if you don't mind

But I understand cause if you're not sure where you are then you should move
And now that I am not I think that I will do some moving too
Because if you think about it everybody here's a servant to someone else
And if you say you're not then I suppose you're a servant to yourself

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