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exibições de letras 2

Deformation Days

L.A Salami

It happened when the pleasure dried
And the summer left a storm
Where the seeds of discontent reside
And the darkest days are born

I was withered, worn, and wonderless
A waste in many ways
Deformation days

Beyond the hours I walk upon
Behind the minutes chime
Beneath the stones I stumble on
Before the cusp of time

I saw her gesture to the sky
And weep where her widow lay
Deformation days

I was little more than food for thought
And hungrier than hell
But I would fill the empty spaces
Because silence knew me well

But I can still be swallowed up
By what that goddess says
Deformation days

I saw the light cascade down
And settle by the bush
And my innocence was jeopardized
Every time I'd take a look

But seeing is a virtue
Despite the view that some display
Deformation days

I was burdened with a crucifix
Cold shouldered by the king
I was told he'd shed a tear for me
But that don't mean a thing

If I have to carry all this weight
And keep the wilderness at bay
Deformation days

So when the drifters ask me now
What then should I tell?
I'm frozen from the rib cage in
I was lifeless for a spell

And I can't take a block of ice
And pass it off as clay
Deformation days

I was inhaling warfare
Exhaling higher crimes
But destruction and obsession
Mean progression down the line

And I've been torn apart more times
Than I care to say
Deformation days

As I lay wounded on the road
Where the beasts divide their kill
It occurred to me the rate at which
We exchange life for a meal

And the earth is hungrier than I
And I'm lower down the chain
Deformation days

I sit amongst the leaders now
The lepers and the crooks
And silence hangs as money talks
Its tongue stifled by a hook

Because you're only ever as rich
As the wealth you have to save
Deformation days

I saw her burn down the house
And turn my sons to flame
She disappeared soon after that
And left me in this broken way

But if I do see her again
I'd still ask her to stay
Deformation days

She was my shepherd, love, and guide
The answer when I'd pray
She'd hold me up
And breaking was the price she had to pay

But the gods tell me to carry on
That she'll return to me someday
Deformation days

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