Into these eyes lost in hate
Streams of death in my veins
Caught in a world of pretense
Your despise is what fueled this rage

Your lives must end in pain
Revenge has set my sight
This cruel urge to kill
Now dominates my mind

Into these eyes lost in hate
Verging on madness, bound to slay
A surge so intense
Your contempt ignited this fate

The massacre I laid
The slaughter I have framed
The trail of blood and grief

Expunge this living waste
Mortal means to a grand end
Forgiveness denied
Blood sheds as the hate descends

Execution - blooddawn

Dead bodies on the ground
My ultimate penitence
Atrocious exhibition
My sickening disgrace

There is no return
Now the bridges are burnt
Don't retain the tears
For your tainted gods

Crawling from the edge
Awaken to revenge
Live and let it bleed
Trapped in despair, shadow and fear

Crawling from the end
Awakening under sand
Extirpate the weak
Trapped in despair, shadows and fear

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