Cling to your own despair
Integrity defiled
Decay so rough and bare
So useless to deny

No remorse
Choke on this foul deceit
Blunt force torn from reality
Destroy the everlasting speech
The scourge perpetuates the leech

Horror on the screen
Crime and misery
Boundless urban strife
Foreordained to die


Hate under my skin
Dignity reviled
Burning agony

There is no regrets
A war not to forget
Prepared to face the end
Insurgency descends

No remorse
Inhaling your defeat
Blunt force
Restless brutality

Peace begins to bleed
Sorrow and disarray are left in the wake

Dead set for revenge
We heed the call to arms
No tyrant shall be spared
Opression now defied

No tolerance
To the hypocrites of the nation

Undermining our rights
Descrating the land
Time to engrave the mark of dissension

Undermining our lives
(Still recalling the pain)
Desolating the land
(Every virtue erased)
Time to engrave the mark
(Left the broken be heard)
Break the wheel of disgrace
(Through the centuries)

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