She woke up and didn't know what to do.
Dressed in black looks pretty cool.
What's the time? You're really late.
You better run or you'll miss your date.

There she goes out in the streets,
Just another piece of meat.
She's the queen of the red light zone,
There she sits on her throne...again!

Workin' hard on every single night.
Never mind if they are blacks or whites.
She needs the money she gotta pay her bills.
Machine gun woman got the looks that kills.

There she's on the streets again,
Selling all her love in vain.
Red light girl, she is the queen of the night,
Red light moon still shinning bright...oh yeah!

She went down to the botton of the stairs.
She came up and said that isn't fair.
Easy money that's all she needs.
Everybody knowns her down to Brighton up to Leeds.

She is filthy dirty and mean,
She's the red light zone crazy queen.
Give her some money and a bottle of booze,
There she goes like a killer on the loose...oh yeah!

She knows a man and it seems he's very rich.
Beat her up and call her a bitch.
She grabs a knife and stabs him to death.
Gets all his money and everything he has.

There she's running down the street,
Bullets flying she's been hit.
Now she's the queen of the twilight zone,
There she sits on her throne...again!

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