It's a New Day
Oh, It's a New Time
And There's a New Way
I'm Gonna Live My Life
All the Old Has, Passed Away
And the New Has Come
Thank God, It's a Brand New Day

Verse 1:
Lookin' Back On Yesterday
There Are Things That I Regret
But I Put the Past Behind Me
And I Never Will Forget
You Hav Covered My Mistakes
And My Broken Dreams
Now Over the Horizon
I See the Dawn Is Drawing Near
And I Realize the Sun Did Rise
Tomorrow's Finally Here


Verse 2:
Now When I Wake Up Thinkin'
'bout the Things I've Done Before
Memories I Could Not Escape
Well They Can't Haunt Me Anymore
Now I Can Hold My Head Up High
'cause I Am Not the Same
You've Changed My Whole Perspective
And With New Eyes I See
I've Become a New Creation
'cause of What You've Done For Me


'cause of What You've Done For Me
No, I Am Not Ashamed
This Heart of Mine Is Finally Free
I'll Never Be the Same"

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