Hell to the Heavens

Leaves' Eyes

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A fading paper sheet
Once plain, white and unmeaningly

Love left a printed trace
Of something that may never be alive again
Hell to the heavens
It fills my mind with heat
I raise my hands against these shutting gates

Opening clouds above me
My raging wrath resounds into the heavens
Walls within walls won't hold my mortal eyes from you

Hecate, Sacred Goddess, Hell to the heavens
Betrayers, Sorcerer Godless, Hell to the heavens

Wounds within wounds won't hold my mortal eyes from you
Lies within lies won't hold my mortal tongue from speaking verity
It fills my wits with blaze
These holy men arriving in my cold cell

Opening sky above me
I wage a war for life beyond the heavens
Hate within hate won't hold my mortal eyes from you
There's been no crime
My words plain and unmeaningly
I am innocent I swear I am
And so I long of going back to be