Limping anastasia waits patient in the yard. For just one
Hint of recognition, two strong arms. And a ticket to
America where everything is better. She can hide behide a
Curtain, write letters. Perhaps a handsome senator will
Take her by the glove, he'll face the people helpless -
They will fall in love. Oh, they'll shower her with
Sympathy, they'll give her all their money. She will fly
Back home again with a private army. The bombs will
Decimate those towers, I'll be on my knees. I'll plead
For her exquisite mercy, I'll lick her high heels clean.
And I will sell my judas friends for ten years in a hole.
I will sell my family, I shall sell my soul. But remember
Her dark intentions. I'll just roll her chain. I'll slip
A penny for the tram fare, I'll tell the driver, "don't
Stop 'til spain."

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