She's the maid of the river
So beautiful plain
As fresh as the country
That gave her her name
As crips as the snow
And as swift as the rain
She shone like the sun
Before all of our games
She shone like a jewel
But her price was not gold
She cired more than most
When her story was told
But her people were evil
Left her baron and cold
And her heart went to market
Where her body was sold
I said : 'Hey, hey won't you take me away
Cos I can't see the point
In the dawn of the day
So many killers gonna take you away
They'll leave nothing left except hatred'
She's the goddess of love
The goddess in green
The goddess of all
That I've ever seen
The goddess of hope
The goddess in brown
The goddess of all
That you've burned to the ground
There's all kind of hatred
Flows out of man's hands
There's the hatred that strangles
The throat of a man
But the worst of all hatred
Is that which is planned
Against what we have
In this goddess of land

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