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28 days till I see you,
I know it seems to long but listen,
I gotta do what I gotta do,
And the wheels on the bus go round,
And it makes me wonder,
What kinda spell we're under,
What would Jack and Diane do?

Hey Sharona I don't understand,
Why we gotta argue all the time,
You got your life and I got mine,
Think it's time I pressed rewind,
Stop when the red light flashes,
Oopsy Daisy my whole world crashes,
What's it wanna be a rockstart to do,
All I wanna do is be with you,
Every single time I turn away,
You say,
"That's it I'm never comin back till you say you're sorry"


Give me the rockaphone and I'm gonna get buckwild
Give me the rockaphone and I keep my kung-fu style

Hey Sharona come on hold my hand,
Talk to me and help me understand,
Tell me how my eye got black and blue,
Can I spend another night with you,
Sippin on purple passion,
Laugh at me cause I ain't in fashion,
Sometimes you do what you gotta do,
All I wanna do is be with you,
Every single time you turn away, I say,
"thats it, I'm never comin' back til you say you're sorry"


Engine Engine number 9 on the metro transit line,
If our love goes off the tracks,
Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up,
Please tell her to leave my clothes out front by the porch,
And of course there's no need for remorse,
Engine please feed the fish, I come back where we live,
But I can't that's a lie, I just won't say good bye,
I'm sorry

(chorus 2x and out)

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