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Alayna (feat. De La Soul)

LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)

Oooh yeah
Hey hey hey

Hold up living in the bodega
I met a girl by the name of Alayna
She said she wants to marry me
but her ex boyfriend's gettin mad at me
I said you take the high road I take the low
and I'll meet you somewhere they don't know
La la la la la la
Girl this time I think I went too far
When I'm wit you girl

I feel like This cold world has been good to me
Make me feel like I can see
Through the birds and the bees You put my mind at ease
And I don't know really what to do
One look and I find myself in love with you
Miss Alayna so why no man can contain ya
Strum my guitar keep it hot like a fire
And I don't know which way to go

And I should've never let my feeling show
Could it be my life's been takin'
I can feel my young heart breaking

Past a saloon an old man drinkin whiskey

Doors wide open glass breaks eyes a misty
And I, I can feel the purple haze
Take a stroll across the bridge to where Alayna lays
Brown eyes penetrate my thoughts at night
Gypsy woman looks ahead and said she sees a fight
She parana
Fall to my knees, beg Madonna
Please be with me cause I feel I'm a gonna
And I don't know which way to go
And I should never let my feelings show
Could it be my lifes been taken
I can feel my young heart breaking

That's what i told my love
We need to think this through
before i start to bug
I'm pluck, wonder why
wit my eye on the prize
With this creepin' around,
y'all is hard to divide
A union between us, the bus soon come
now your Ex shows up
to play "rum pum pum pum"
He better understand
u ain't some lawn i mowed
Your love simply for me to park it
his @$$ 'll get towed
Girl troubles have me in Holiday and hotels
Yankin' on your coat tails
Every now and then i catch dreams
of a high yellow ask you for a nickle, kid
Yo, you got yourself a dime!
Stuck analyzin' mine,
I know i shouldn't touch it
but i wanna bruise her spine
She the type to make you buy a little box
Little rocks, wrapped around a mic (Poof)
Dynomite (Poof)
Genie in a bottle (Poof)
Powder, might as well go, right

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