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Follow Through


Every time you walk away, every single word you say
It just lingers there in front of me
Every time I hear your voice, it's though I haven't got a choice
...and it's so hard to believe in anything

Run forever, run away in spite of all the pain
I doubt myself and I've given up
On almost everything

Cry out for more when you want to close the door
Waste away. Follow through I hear you say

Every time you confront me, I'm the one who feels nothing.
...and I hate myself for what I have become
You gave me a second chance, but I threw it all away
...and everything means nothing to me now

Run forever, run away in spite of all the pain
Feed the failure, ever after
Tied to everything

Would you reach out for me?
It's just an empty space
Am I the one to blame?
Living for your sake
The moon it pulls the tides
And the day breaks down
Within the starlit sky leave it all behind

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