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Desolation Breeds


Striking body, soul & mind w/ everything I've seen
Seems so out of reach adapted to time
To it's place, to it's host, to restore some hope
The distractions, so stale, so futile

Silence tries to hide the emptiness inside.
Deluding what you feel, what you thought was real
Silence tries to hide the plan that you contrive
The Nothingness you fear now consumes you

Desolation breeds the bitter man you are
It's all in vain, the therapy
The conscious mind seems so powerless
The evidence is so unrelenting

How is it that you sleep?
A subversive release
The secrets you keep...they all define:
A bias, an agenda, the people you hurt
Letting go of the solitude & denial

Descending down an unmarked path
Oblivion, the divine plan
Assume the role of someone else
Delay until the hours pass
Letting go, you can't hold on
A struggle to find something more
Enarmored by the shadow of one's self
Solace and damnation

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