I sleep beneath the window
the night has come to fall
the echo rings
I clench my pillow

just living in my head now
my eyes have come to rest
I`m all alone but you are here with me

you chase me though I`m falling
I`m haunted by that scene
I`m lingering in sweet obsession

you made me feel like junkmail
with every slight remark
so watch me in the corner of your bin

...and I know it
like you do
we`re cracking up
for salvation

I loved you by the window
like many loved before
I`m all wracked up but still I shiver

I hate to be alone now
I hate to be myself
the night I`ve cried has made me wither

I`m standing by the window
the night becomes the day
you`re staring at me from the other side

I know we`ll have to go
and our names are on the list
so sneak away and may that curtain fall...

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