Now let the troop introduce the latest dance,/
guaranteed to rip through your favourite pants./
Originated by who? The ladies' man/
Promoe rock the mike with a stable hand!/
Forward ever, backward never/
all my revolutionary steppers and wall wreckers./
It takes a nation of million of cops to get us./
Cosmic here to break up all the government set ups./
Stay one step ahead - move your dancing feet./
We gon' let the dead groove to this bouncin' beat./
Already a smash hit cus it sound so sweet,/
already a classic cus it sound so street./
Now you better blast this to stress the system,/
and you better flash this to impress the sistren./
The hottest fashion, tonight in the club./
Supreme's hated with a passion by the government thugs!

Do the revolutionary step,/ a dance you will never forget./ Do the revolutionary step,/ step forward my sisters. Step forward!/ Do the revolutionary step,/ a dance you will never forget./ Do the revolutionary step,/ Step forward brother… forward.

Now forget about poppin' pills, still:/
forget about standin' still, there's still a few hours till,/
they gon' close the place up, but who gives a fuck?/
Reclaim the streets tonight! Watch me how I step it up./
Watch us how we steppin' out. Shake them shakers!/
Eliminate negativity, too late to hate us./
Outrageous footwork. No more running man!/
Come on and celebrate cus we free and we love it man!/
This shit a blow up the system like it blows up your soundsystem./
Move summthin'! Jump up and down twistin'!/
While cops twistin' your arm, pump your fist till you're warm./
My people resisting with charm./
Resistin' arrest, if you're pissed and oppressed,/
rely on Looptroop to put out hits to the death./
You feel no pain when it hits in your chest./
They might be blind now they wish they were deaf!


Yo when our true fanbase do the new dance craze/
we stomp and earthquake and shake the landscape./
This giant step is like a smilin' threat./
I see violent femmes looking wild and wet,/
and the style is fresh. Feel alive and blessed/
My girls holdin' it down no matter how trife it gets./
Yo, liberate yourself from mental entrapment./
Keep'em both feet movin' and 'em hands clappin'!/
Traffic blocking - barricade the streets!/
Cops clockin' clockin' - when they hear us sing,/
But Looptroop rockin' - never face defeat./
No stoppin' stoppin' - yo serious ting./
You had enough? Then put your foot down, march and sing along./
Show'em how the troop sounds when we 10 000 strong./
It's a ten thousand miles long marathon/
movin' out of Babylon and we're singin' this song…


…forward fi ever!

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