Blues And Booze

Ma Rainey

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Went to bed last night, and boy I was in my sleep, sleep
I went to bed last night, and I was in my sleep
Woke up this mornin', the police was shakin' me

I went to the jailhouse, drunk and blues as I could be (2x)
But that cruel old judge sent my man away from me

They carried me to the courthouse, Lordy, how I was cryin' (2x)
They jailed me sixty days in jail, and money couldn't pay my fine

Sixty days ain't long if you can spend them as you choose (2x)
But this seems like jail than a cell where there ain't no booze

My life is all a misery when I cannot get my booze (2x)
I spend every dime on liquor, got to have the booze to go with these blues