The Valley Of Tears


It´s not real
Drowing in an ocean as black as night
Summer rain so loud
It hurts your face so coldly
Takes away the fury that shines so bright
And pushed away the clouds

When you think everything`s gone wrong
And your feelings are all too strong
It`s bad enough
Don`t you think it`s
Crazy to just take flight

This is me
Burning just as high as the city lights
All your wars are won
There`s no talking to ya
All the pages written have turned to white
And they`ve all begun
To be something that you can`t read
Into something that will succeed
Say a prayer
That`s the good news daily
Oh well that`s life

Hey maybe you can`t change the world
But don`t run away
And don`t be so deeply concerned
You own every day
Well maybe you can`t change the world
It`s yours anyway

Here today
Can you feel the power under your skin?
Dreams that come alive
It`s a big illusion
Counting up the favours that you could win
If you take the dive
That`s the change that we all must take
And be sure that you don`t forsake
So it goes
Everything without everything within

Life goes on
Innocent the baby with eyes so clear
No one knows his name
And I swear that`s holy
Things will be same for a million years
No one takes the blame
But the sun will come up each day
And the moon will be on its way
Rich or poor
Well it`s all the same in the valley of tears

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