Like a Star In The Night (translation)

Mai Kuraki

The waves echo in the darkness
In the lonely, cold beach
Like a shining star
No matter how far, we'll find the light and
Waited for the sunrise togather at the guardrails
Just staring at the stars silently

Like a star in the night
Erase these uncertain feeling and make my wish come true
Like a star in my mind
Embrace my true, non-decorated me

I'll try to believe in everything i see now
I'll try to softly touch this place i was with you
Like a shining star
Searching for the southern cross in the deep sky
And i feel the excitement of the day we met
I was actually gazing at you the whole time

Like a star in the night
I believe that everything will change and begin to walk down the sidewalk
Like a star in my mind
Sparkling tears sway and shine in the night sky

No need to know
No need to tell me what you've done
Tomorrow... as long as you're near tomorrow
You will change my darkness fear to the light
Don't be afraid, walk in the dark

Into the sky, you will shine thru the night
Lead me to the way when i walk in the night
Starlight is in you
Like a star in the night

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