Thousands of handshakes
Millions of heartbreaks
Can’t prevent the shots you take
I look around
At where I’m found
I’d never change the things I make

It feels like you’re always losing
Living life that you would never choose
I know you efforts are in vain now
Living life that brings you only pain
I’m here again


I never met her twice
I’ll never see her face again
I can’t remember her eyes
And I’ll never tell her name
Just a tiny drop
In my lifestream
She made my past life stop
[Her blood still remains on my skin]

You’re always lieing
You never learn
Your heart is dying
I’ve no concern

I spread a knowledge to the world
That makes it hard to breathe
You can run for your answers
But I’ll make you fall on your knees

I’ll be your midnight fear

I will break your neck spinning like a thunder
I’m the giant wave that will take you under
I will tear your guts, I’m your disaster
I am not a vision - I’m the master


She made my past life stop
Her blood still remains on my skin

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