We’re meant to burn the stage
You won’t miss this show
You’ll come to show us your rage
We’ve made this way to let you know
This FUCKING venue (is about to blow)
Having no shame
We own the night
Release the flame
(Pour it outside)

The lights are fading out
The curtain opens wide
Make the loudest shout
Don’t leave anything inside
We’re taking over your mind
I can see the crowd
And I’m feeling alright

We are holding tight
And the Planet’s not turning
Everything’s alright
While the stage is burning
So shake our hands
And raise them higher and higher
I wanna see you dance
While the stage is on fire

We’ll burn you down!

That’s not the end of the night
Keep your eyes opened wide
We’re gonna take a ride
I’ll burn you down!
With a wasted smile on my face
And liquor on my breath
We’ll burn you FUCKING down
Our day was lost but night was found
We’ll waste you up and burn you to
The FUCKING ground

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