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Jesus Christ Sodomized


Hang on your cross and pretend to suffer
Before your flesh gets cold you'll be mistreated rougher
Who are you foolishing when you weep?
Die must any wolf who turns into a sheep

Hold on to your cross, king of perversions and flies
In the whirlwind you'll face, no-one will hear your cries
Anticipate a horrible death to the cross nailed
Mary's pathetic tries to shit forth a king failed

Jesus son of rules halls up high
Jesus it was you who scorched the sky
Jesus hypocrite, you'll be the first to fry
Jesus scorn defeat, shut up and die!

Jesus christ - sodomized
We take no bow for angel child
Jesus christ - sodomized
All your love must be destroyed

Jesus from the depths your death doom roar
Jesus your glory days belongs to yore
Jesus filthy scum behold abhor
Jesus your mother was a stinking whore!

Jesus Christ sodomized
We take no bow for angel child
Jesus Christ sodomized
Drunk of your blood we go wild

Eat his body and drink his blood and be a slave under the yoke of
Piss on christ and kill the priest, follow nature - praise the

Jesus Christ sodomized
Jesus Christ we love to see you short of breath.
Jesus Christ sodomized
Jesus christyour throne we inherit on your death!

Bleed like a pig when with demons entangled
Bashed, ripped and torned, mutilated and strangled
Scream your lungs out is what you will do
When with fangs and claws the fallen rip you in two

Jesus Christ sodomized
Demons ripped you, your life blood ran
Jesus Christ sodomized
One wound richer for each lie to men

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