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I am the dust of desert dunes and the chilly wind of death
I am the waves on the oceans of blood, and the knives and swordsto shred the just
I am the time, the withering and the withered, as well as thethorns, burning and sharp
I am the rain of lust that wets the chaste, and the torch thatends your life
I am the one whose name still the hearts and the silence theirbreaths
I am the one who speaks your name, weakens your fall into my coldarms
Just waiting for that kiss of my scythe

"Both fool and the wise,
one thing is certain - that life flies
one thing is certain and the rest flies
the flower that once has blown forever dies"

I stand above you whispering low
you know not what into your ear
of my strange language you all know
as there is not a word of fear


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