i have risen from ashes and been called clean
i've been sprinkled with the water that purifies me
and i kissed my baby, september morning
'til time came to take her from me

and if i was honest with myself - i just can't forgive
these witches and vampires and women that hurt me
raising the question - it must be a decision
nailing my bitter to the wall

'cos it's a new day that i wanna be living
a new day with you
'cos it's a new day that i have been given
a new day with you

stronger men than me they have retired
punched clean out of this life
and in a way i don't blame them thye've seen more than i have
and may angels close their eyes

and it's true what they say that you can only meet them
somewhere just past halfway
and it's there i'll be waitin' by that old woodshed
and nail my bitter to the wall

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