Where am I and what is my purpose? I feel nothing. But nothing is only the lack of sensation. Enshrouded in darkness. The nothingness surrounds me - The only thing that is real is me. The walls are closing in. I am suffocating. I don't know if my eyes are open. I don't know if im awake or dreaming. Lights flash before me. And pain takes me. Fuck you. I can't breathe. What have I done? Struggling against my bonds. I feel the lacerations tear my skin away - But I keep pulling. Now i've broken free. And i'm standing on my own two feet - Revenge will be mine. I am the law. And i will bring justice to my captors. The wound in my soul will never be healed. I can only stand and watch as I raze the place to the ground. You will never torture me again. I will not be left to rot. I will not be left in the dark.

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