Hidden in the shadows, the only motive is greed at the expense of millions born into slavery. Centralized monetary authority leaves no option but to invest in eternal war enslaves the lives of the young to curb the population - The acts of a desperate rule grasping at straws. Your rule is over. Your lies have been exposed. I will hunt you down. I will not rest until you lie in pieces across the floor. Submit to their will or die by contagion - Unleashing terror on their own to subvert the course of thought. Fuck their bullshit. Fuck their hollow promises and fuck their politics. The world is consumed by shadows. And the terrors that lay within are unspeakable. The faceless control the world through manipulation of the burning hole in your mind. The sky is burning, the sun is dying. What hope do we have left? Lay the dead to rest. The fallen will never rise again - its just another shadow in the mist. Another dying flame in a world of ice. Its only a matter of time until the light goes out.

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