A goose and a goose make...two geese.
A moose and a moose make...two meese?
A mouse and a mouse make...two mice.
A grouse and a grouse make...grice?

One buffalo, two buffali?
sounds good. Give it a try
may be wrong. still might fly.
One Buffalo. Two buffali.

An ox and an ox make...oxen
A fox and a fox make...foxen?
A cow and a cow makes...cattle.
A sow and a sow make sattle?

One kangaroo, two kangari?
Works for me. Give it a try.
may be wrong. still might fly
One kangaroo. Two kangari!

A whole buncha crickets...make a racket.
A whole packs jackals...make a jacket.
Bucks make a bucket.
Ducks make a duccat.
Do a whole buncha duccate...make a quacket?
Why not?

A pooch and a pooch make...two peach.
A leech and a leech make...two looch.
A roach and a roach make...two reach.
A priest and a priest...what? Preach?

One carabou. Two carabi?
I love it! Give it a try
may be wrong. still might fly.
One carabou. Two carabi.

Twelve inchworms...make a footworm
That's one long and skinny shaped worm.
Two footworms...make a feet worm.
Which you measure with a tapeworm.

A gnu and a gnu make...two gnee.
A shrew and a shrew make...two shree
A pair of canaries. How sweet!
That's called a parakeet.

One cockatoo. Two cockafour.
Why don't you make up some more?
Adding an "S", oh what a snore!
One cockatoo. Two cockafour.

One buffalo. Two buffali
One carabour. Two carbi
One kangaroo. Two kangari
One buffalo. Two buffali

Hey, Mary-Kate, what's a lot of baby tooths? Baby teeth.
What's a lot of Baby Ruths? Baby Reeth?
A lot of hippos? Hippies! Two buzzards? A blizzard.

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