Come as you are
Express yourself anyway you choose
Come as you are
And there's no way that you can lose
Now it occurred tome not too long ago
That the styles we wear, well they come and go
But each and everyone in their own special way
Express in many styles what we feel today
Hey! Hey!
The fifties poopies never really went away
The sixties hippies, well they are still seen today
The seventies meant dancing to a disco beat
The eighties styles were crazy, and big hair the scene
Hey! Hey!

Decades past give inspiration
To the styles we choose for exploration


Now the nineties are upon us with the styles all their own
Retro from the older times, hip hop and the grunge
So it seems that as we inch towards year "two triple zero"
It's up to us to take the stage as individuals

It's the time for our new generation
To express ourselves through celebration


No no no no!


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