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Foolish(feat. Magic and Mo B. Dick)

Master P

[Master P Talking]
See I've Benn like Goin through a few minor dificulties
You know Me and My Girl benn gettin into it
She done left
I lost a few loved ones
But I'm a Hustler
Thats why they Label Me a Fool
Aint That a joke...

[Master P]
Look Into These eyes of a fool see broken dreams and lonley nights
stressed out days
Tv With no antenna
Just prentend theres more losers than winners,
And some times I say UGGGGGGHHH To release my damn pain
Or pick up the phone to call my grandmama cause she kept me in the game
Before yall say nothin prama , cant emagine life with out big mamma So many
snakes and killas, jackers and piranahs.
See This game Got me way Deep,I pray the lord I wake before I sleep
See some say your friend be your emney,
Dont trust no one but your family
But All the love I show when I'm around
I wonder if they show us that when I'm down
See you a king when you sittin on top
But you a fool when you finaly drop
I Thank the lord for every thing I got and its No Limit Till My times
Stopped. Uggghhhh!!!!

[Chorus ( Master P & Mo B. Dick )]
(Foolish.... Mo B. Dick In Back Round )
Fool... Cause U Cant Fool Me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me
Call Me a Fool But You Cant fool me


I Never Tryed to Be Like This......

See I Came Up Diffrent diddent have a lot never had a lot of food on the
table top
I know where you came from I know it was hard for a soldier like me in the
dirty south
Ran with the boys who were serving clucks
Mashed up with my homies just to make a buck
You know where I Came
But Look In My Eyes I hungry as hell I'm Ready to Die
My familys ashamed cause I'm caught in the game
Take me out the 9th ward and mabye I'll change
Call me a bad seed cause I smoke my trees before I Brush my teeth I'm Allways
in black Ready to ride
No Limit is my only reply
I'm screamin it when I'm leavin see the fire in these foolish eyes
Dont Give a Damn about the Po-Po
Find a ride with my brotha on my girl then I'm solo
Ghetto Vet With No Athority
The President should of pardened me
Y'all Better Hope I dont lose it
Jump in and act clean in palaceds sittin on 20's and act FOOLISH!!

[Chorus X 10]

[Master P Talking... Magic In Back round]
Ha.. Ha.. Ughhhhhhhhh!!!
Call me A fool
Call us a Fool
But U cant Fool me thoe
You cant fool us cause We Bout it Bout it and Rodwdy Rodwdy!
Told yall it wasent no limit baby
We just gon act a fool then, thats what we gon do magic, Master P and Mo B. D
Some more foolish brothers trying to make it happen u heard Me!
The Dirty sou.. Never Judge a book buy it cover
From the 3rd to the streets
To the south to the east,to the west, and to the north boy
Act a fool but dont be a fool about you paper...

[Beat Fades out......]

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