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Master P

[Master P]
Weebie! Holla at me (c'mon)
I got like twelve bottles of bubbly (oh)

[Chorus One 2X: Weebie]
I love the way she shake it in the thong - OOOHHHWEE!
The way she make it twurk and grab the wall - OOOHHHWEE!
Oh, baby you know whatchu doin - OOOHHHWEE!
No Limit got the steps bouncin and movin - OOOHHHWEE!

[Master P]
I know a big girl, with a ironed skirt
Give her couple dollars, she'll make it work
I mean holla at me whoadie, you know our crew large
Our fantasy's to have sex wit two broads
On a boat or a plane or exotic cars
Bring it to the next girl, bring the toys
On the dash, little shawty started takin it off
Took her to the V.I.P., started breakin me off
Said she knew I was a baller by my iced out wrists
I told her "Wait, it don't stop, keep drinkin the Cris'"
I'ma perky boy this, like to do the ass
See a fine chick, you know I'm gon' grab her
Nelly Nay girl where you at?
This No Limit boy tryin to do that thang
I said "Rock the boat, don't let it sank"
It's time to go to war, I got the tank

[Chorus One]

[Master P] Say that then

I could work, put ya body, c'mon back it up, back it up
You know Weebie and Master P, we gon' tank it up, tank it up
Turn around to the ground, you know how it goes
Catch the flow, tippie-toe, come and wobble some mo'
Like you know how I do it so don't act surprised
For a fact gotchu dancin 'til you hurtin your thighs
Now won'tcha tune it up and wobble wit it
Act a fool and wobble wit it
Won'tcha make it hustle, ooh baby don't pull a muscle
Gotcha workin on the wall 'til you run outta breath
No Limit like I told ya so y'all give us respect
Now you could shake it like a dog, break my fuckin balls
Do it how ya do it, lemme see ya take it off

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Weebie]
Now won'tcha rock, rock on, rock, rock on, rock, rock on
Rock, rock on, rock, rock on, rock, rock on, rock, rock on,rock
Now won'tcha turn around and hustle wit it
Back it up and hustle wit it, test around and hustle wit it
Ooh baby ooh baby

[Master P]
Mary had a big ol' butt as tight as Jesus shorts
And every club that Mary was at then thugs would show the gold
That mean she had the bo-legged wit the curves just like amodel
Project chick but pretty just like a model
When I'm rollin through the hood she on dubs
Don't mind gettin in and shakin her thang in the club
I mean, beat bopper she loved the tote shoppers
Call her head nurse then I'ma be the doctor
A real country mamma cook bricks and eggs
And she don't leave the farm herself to get paid
Candice on twaps cause she love the ball
Thought she had the nizzle on the dresses at the mall
Buyin, high heels on some leather boots
And lookin for them ballers wit the crazy loot, WHAT?!

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two]

[Master P over Chorus Two]
Where them No Limit boys at? Throw them 'bows
Them No Limit girls, get money and what?
Told y'all clownz ain't no stoppin us
Putcha "Gameface" on when ya catchin us

[Master P] (Weebie)
East side (OOOHHHWEE!), Mid West (OOOHHHWEE!)
West coast (OOOHHHWEE!), Dirty South (OOOHHHWEE!)
The ghetto clique (OOOHHHWEE!), No Limit! (OOOHHHWEE!)
Haters off, can't stop us, can't stop me (OOOHHHWEE!)
Y'all, know, where we be (OOOHHHWEE!)
Somebody tell valet to bring my Bentley
I'm about to (?) wit a couple these poppers y'heard?
The party's not over, OOOHHH-WEE-WEE!

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