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Verse 1:

Girl you wanna know wassup
I can truly say
That I love you
And we knoe the love is not puffed up
So there are things in love
That you'll never do
I would never jump off a building
And survive
And if that building were burning up
I'd never leave you inside
I'd probably never live
To see a hundred years old
And no matter who's around I'd never
Treat you cold


I will never
Lie to you (baby-booh)
I will never
Treat you untrue (no, no, no)
They say never
Say what you wouldn't do
I can say I'll never
I will never hurt you

Verse 2:

So you wanna be
Made secure
Never give your heart unless
You were sure
Just wanna know
Where I'm at
Me leaving you girl
Never that
I can never fight
A hundred men and win
And I've never known the beauty of a girl
And her friend
They say never say
What you wouldn't do
But they never been in love with a girl like you



Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
How would you know
What you would
And would not do
But here is what (here is what I say) I say
Until my dying day
I will never stop lovin' you baby

Chorus X2

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