They're at it again. (4x)
Hard-hitting journalism, an explosive expose'
on a subject that has everyone tuned in.
Tell me off the record, don't let the truth get in the way.
Don't mind the facts, we'll fill them in.
They're at it again. (4x)
This is exclusive, and it's a candid interview.
A source close to someone who's involved.
Well it's a neighbor of a cousin someone someone sorta knew.
?.?.? the air has been sold...again!
They're at it again, pretending it's news.
Gotta take anything- don't let em crack in review
A referred to the person in pomp and circumstance
It's the same old sorry story and a tired song and dance
They're at it again.
With no shame or dignity.
No respect for the truth, so nevermind for you or me
They're at it again.
With no end to it in sight.
They're at it again.
And it just isn't right.

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