Complacency is such a time bomb,
Sometimes all it takes is something going wrong for everything to work out right.
Still not content with your big home, and your nice car, Mr. Big-Shot
You'll gain the world but lose your life, your soul, alone.

Can't you see the sunset coming, weren't we made to live for so much more?
Hello, are we broken?
Can't you see the moon is falling, the day has come to wake up and behold
Hello, are we broken?

Comfortable is such a sad word
Weren't we made for the unknown, how can it be, we've lost ourselves?
Well I'm not content with the "real world", where the poor die, kids with no home
True worth should be based on so much more than gold.


Have we tried to build ourselves?
Have we lost sight of the one example of what love really was?
Could you reason your life to the God who gave the call?
Could you realize this system is flawed.

Complacency is such a time bomb,
Are we so cold, when will the light come on?


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