The most beautiful things in life are hard to find,
And even harder to hold onto, and our dreams are hard to come true.
Maybe its all just a plan that shows with time,
Am i ready to see? am i ready for life?
Take a breath and scream, its here tonight.

I'm finally ready to make my way back home
I finally found you, how could you still be alone?
Either i'm lucky, or god made you for me,
Either way, i can't believe i finally found you.

I will wait for you no matter how long,
Whatever it takes to hold you in my arms.
Just so you know i won't let go,
Just so you know, i'm your's to hold.


…you're beautiful…
And i'll… take… you home


I finally found you, i finally found you,
I finally found you, i'm finally home.

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