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Hey Luv [ Anything ]

Mobb Deep

Shorty, come here
listen listen listen
" 112 .. ooo .. love you .. need you .. yea .. thats right]

hey luv, i wanna hold you and talk to you
put my arm around your shoulder and walk with you
your the one that is shared your my world to you
i know that nigga be doing what he suppose to do
i got much more to give then all he do
hey your so fine i just wanna roll with you
your a queen bitch, nigga came close to you
need a nigga like me to just flow with you
and i gotta try cuz anything is possible
and you just might see things the way i do
i just wanna be next to you, friends with you
burl hunnies, wake up in the bed with you
i love when you walk, how that body move
pearl my mouth from just being honest boo
i would pay air time just to ride with you
kisses and hugs until the next time u swing thru

(so many things)
so many things that i wanna do
wanna kiss
wanna touch
wanna touch tears like you [ oO baby ]
cause i only wanna be with you [ girl you kno ]
anything that you need [ i got it ]
million dollar shopping spree [ i got it ]
anything that you want (i got it) [ you kno .. ask me ]

ma i want you in the worst way
and i aint thirsty or nothing
but when i see something boo
i go hard for the money
hit myself, ima take you out to eat
and kill any misconceptions that you gotta mobb deep
throw that bug in your ear
and its about time cause a nigga like me
has been muddin you for years
bump had to souvenir
i never got the chance best of those who rate
once i get up in the pants
i aint no one minute man
suppose to be him, better change those plans
anything you gots to do
lots of shrew
must be out of his monkey ass mind
how the hel he get tired of you
let me light that fire that your body desire
get you back to being sexy, single, free like my
cause i treat some right
you know how i rock in
girl where ever you at
im on the next flight


sit back i got this baby girl your straight
your sourl rest assure in the arms so strain
baby i die for my love once make no mistake
im not that man, i keep my gun on bait
and its a cold world your man don't understand your pain
and i know your getting tired of the same old same
hes expecting to keep you locked with five karat ring
lets cop that old real while 112 sing

Anything You want and Anything You Need
Let's Just go and have fun
and cuddle with me
oh anything, anything you want
anything you need
Just call on me
and ill come running

[chorus 2x]

[112, Mobb Deep Let's Go... dah lalala ]

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