Life's Just Too Short Little Ndugu


Wait...we'll have to wait our turn.
We'll have to fall in line.
Follow, live, love and die.
If we're all the same, get born, grow, married and die.
We all hate long good byes.
So don't bother and just die.
End it now.

If we're all the same,
Where did we come from...and why are we here.
What do we do when it all dies and we're all left here...all alone.
We always lose signt of everything.

Wait...we'll have to accept the change.
Even though we're all still the same.
Follow, live, love and die.
I have a mission, I have a goal that's why,
I'd rather live now then die knowing we only have one chance.

We have one chance, one life, one death, one time to smile.
One time to try, one time to die, one time to smile.
We all die one at a time.
So hold on.

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