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The Arrival


Blinded by the dazzling power of
The dark
Knowing one
Ray of the sun will break the spell
Watching the
Wisdom growing up
Retroceding to
The beginning of all
It seems to be
The infinite narrow of the future
That shudder the senses
Burning bitter inside

The ways that had been closed
For a long time
Are now open
And show what they had inside
In those immense coffers
Once all knowledge is acquired
There's just one leaf left in blank
Inside the mind
That soon will break
And will cause ravages
And all internal chaos
As if the leaf were a book
A book that will be
Filled of memories
...at last to blind
A useless life

Indestructibles walls of faith
Had been made inside the brain
Now they're as sand mixed with water
Tumbling down lacking of foundations

Chasms begin to appear in the brains
And the truth starts to flow
In desvastation
Thy domain arrives on earth
As the dreams of mankind

Light has come to break the night
Wisdom fall
The path of the minds is destroyed
The narrow is spilled
Those lives of lie and filthiness
Destroyed by thy power

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