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I'm walking upon this world
And the things are as real
And imperfect as death
Life vanishes quickly
Imperfection and sickness
Live within us
Carefully, mentally and spiritually
I am not pure, are you
I live into imperfection and sickness
And so you do

Living the perfection
Of being alive
Living the imperfection
Of living
What I can see is the anxiety
Of seeing perfection
And the perfect
Imperfection of death

It all begins to decay
When I ask myself
Where are you
Did never found perfection?

I see the sea,
The sky, the sun, the stars
And they all have a shine
Ever seen in any human

Hear the whisper of the night
What's what you hear?
Now open your eyes
What's what you see? Think!

Now I am seeing myself
And imperfections on me
What are you expecting from me?
I'm not telling this as an excuse
Of my imperfection
And sins

You can see my outside
But you can't see my thoughts
What you are hearing and reading
Is just a piece of my being

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