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In Another Time


So, here we are in the years
All the past is a dream
Can't believe that I'm here
Now, seems so hard to recall
Did it happen that way?
Did it happen at all?

Here we are, win or lose
Good and bad, fast and lose
Here we are, black and gold
In another time

Dust, on a mirror turned black
The reflection is flawed
All the mirrors are cracked
Strange how the glass seems to sing
But the words are like death
They could be anything

Here we are, win or draw
Badly used, badly scored
Here we are, gone before
In another time

Look through the eyes of the mask
Tell me what do you see
Can you make out the facts?
Cold in the arms of the dead
I still hear them talk
Telling jokes in my head?

Here we are before the dawn
Cold and black, death and scorn
Here they are, lust and grief
To oversee the crime

In the days before the plague
Never spoke, eyes like blades
Here and now, fear and grief
In another time

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