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The Crown Of Sympathy

My Dying Bride

See the light and feel my warm desire
Run through your veins like the evening sun
It will live but no eyes will see it
I'll bless your name before I die
No person in everything can shine
Yet shine you did for the world to see
All a man hath will he give for life?
For life that's lost bleeds all over me
I'd fallen before but it never hurt like this
Don't leave me here to crawl through the mire
I'm without fault before the throne of God
Take from me the crown of sympathy
What do you think you'll see?
What do you think there will be?
Sit down!
Did you see the sun?
What will we become?
Great ones?
The mouths that dare not speak his name
Behold them, raised, complete and fine
The battle for our lives is oh, so brief
Take my hand and please walk with me
When I was young the sun did burn my face
I let its love and warmth wash over me
The melting voice of many, in the hush of night
Whispering tongues can poison my honest truth
Come dress me with your body, and comfort me
I dreamt of a dead child in my sleep
I wear a terrible mark in my head
My clean, white bed
It calls to me
I must lie down
And I want you to lay with me, in sympathy
No sad "adieus" on a balcony
For one last time, just walk with me
At the beautiful gate of the temple, we must be saved
For deadened, icy pain, covers all the earth

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