Foto do artista My Dying Bride

And My Father Left Forever

My Dying Bride

I would have given more
I tied my children to a dying horse

Stacked up against me
The bodies heaved and stank upon their gore

On the earth lying still
My father found me there, ashamed and dying bare

I had spent many years
Destroying all around, took everything I found

With a dying fall his voice left him
It shouldn't be this way
Do not hope for any other
And he picked up my hand

I would have given more
They brought me misery and they would not falter

We poured down our ratchets
Upon them day and night with brutal force and might

To dead men and absent
There are no friends left to scribe the things we do

When I wake up I want to see you
Bring me the life that is within you
I charge myself off your body
But in my arms, the darkness deepens

I'll raise my hand to break you
If I don't another will

And my father left forever
It shouldn't be this way
I sang long psalms of bitter verse
But God had turned away
Men are free at the blood of Christ
I wish it was this way

Breathing is faster and breathing is deeper
And falling no longer bothers me
Sinking is deeper, thinking is cleaner
Your love it flows away from me

The pool of Bethesda beckons me closer
Put off that closing evil hour
The Devil, he is very old indeed
We sit with a few stories to tell

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