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Mother's Day

Nada Surf

I wanna know, do you have the balls to ask?
what do you see when you look at a girl?
is she a game you wanna win?
if no-one was looking what would you do to get in?
do you have friends who would be proud if you went in for thekill?
do you have friends who would do it even against her will?

what if they did that to your sister?
what if they did that to your mother?

why are we so slow?

i bet you think you're such a hottie, but a body afraid is not asexual body.
everybody's been laughed at and everybody's been left out but
that's no excuse to turn it around, no boy has the right to holda girl down.

on your star wars sheets when you set the scene,
was she seducing you, or did she want to scream?

it's you versus you.

i can't forget that tomorrow's mother's day.
i'm talking to you, you know who you are, going too far.
you'll feel good for ten seconds, she'll be screwed up forlife.

blue balls and all of that bullshit.

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